Applying technology to your best advantage.

What we do

Our years of experience have given us a great amount of knowledge, and contained in that knowledge is something our customers have come to rely on us for; understanding. Understanding of their needs, their situations, their network configurations, their budget restrictions, their tight deadlines. It is a quality that helps our customers in ways they’ve never experienced. It sets us apart. And ultimately, it allows us to offer our customers something they can truly appreciate: SIMPLIFICATION.


CLM INFORMATICA has adopted a methodology that fits to all our customer information system necessities. It’s based on the notion that the best way to tackle any challenge is to first assess where you are, where you want to go and how you plan to get there. During this highly interactive process, we become partners in our mutual effort to find the best way to further your business.

  • Discovery
    This can be anything from a complete network and systems analysis to a review of a single workstation. Once we have a clear understanding of where you stand today, our next step is to work with you to understand the business objectives that articulate where you want to go.
  • Design
    Our staff will create a design of how to achieve your objectives based on a comprehensive analysis of options and costs.
  • Deployment
    Once we have designed a comprehensive IT strategy, we then set about deploying the technologies we’ve agreed on to get you where you want to be.